Living a Healthier Life in North Carolina

Knightdale Station Park- 1-mile pathway to help with living a healthier life

Do you ever have those times in your life when you know you’ve been slowly putting on weight or maybe losing some strength and endurance, but you just kind of shove that feeling down?  Right?  It’s easier to tell yourself, “Eh, I’ll weigh myself tomorrow,” or, “My life is so busy right now, I don’t have time to deal with this and get into the mess of dieting and exercise.”  But then, one day, you finally do step on the scale, and all of your fears you subconsciously know are happening are confirmed. You’ve gained weight.  A LOT.  You haven’t been living a healthier life for a while now.  So now what?

**This post was originally published on our sister site,, on 9/19/2023 but was moved to NC Healthy Living on 1/1/2024. THIS post is what started the dream of NC Healthy Living!**

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Acknowledging the Need for Change

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me earlier this week.  I’ve been feeling sluggish and tired.  I’ve been feeling the weight when I go up the stairs.  But I kept pushing the idea in the back of my head and saying, “I just don’t have the mental capacity to commit to something like this right now.”  And suddenly, I’m here, in this place I told myself a long time ago I would never be again. 

Embracing the Journey to Living a Healthier Life

So, I have decided to commit to a journey to strive to live a healthier life.  The following posts are NOT just going to focus on the process of weight loss but on pushing for better overall holistic health (aka physical, mental, emotional, and social health).

My Background in Healthcare

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before in a blog post, but I was a Registered Nurse and then a Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) before my life as a stay-at-home mom.  I worked briefly in that NP role after getting my Master’s degree in Nursing. It has been a passion of mine to help others be in a place where they, too, can live a healthier life.

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Living a Healthier Life With POTS

But then, an unexpected diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (aka POTS) put me out of the running for work in a clinical office. This medical condition has changed how I have had to tackle life, and it has taught me to expect the unexpected and to try to honor rest when my body needs it.  However, with lifestyle changes, I have my POTS managed pretty well and have been very fortunate that I can still go after most of my dreams. Fast forward to years later, having two young children during a pandemic and moving to another state, and now here I am.  

Recognizing Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

I’ve let the stress of the past few years get to me.  I’ve always had an issue with using food as a comfort, so it’s my default go-to. I have recognized that this isn’t healthy and have tried to build new hobbies.  But even those hobbies have slipped with the weight of responsibility and pure exhaustion of raising a two and 4-year-old.  Now, don’t get me wrong- I wouldn’t trade this time with them for the world! But I do need to find a balance.

Setting the Stage for Change

So now, I am finally in a place.  I’m in a place where I might be able to start making more time for myself again.  Yes, my family still needs me constantly, but ya’ll…at the time of my writing this post, I’m 38 years old.  I do not want to spend my 40s in the same “slump” as my 20s and 30s.  

Motivation for Living a Healthier Life

I want a healthier love for my body.  I’d like to have the energy to tackle everything I want to write about.  I want to have the energy to be the fun wife/mom/daughter again.  I want to be more motivated again to make healthier choices with my food.  And I want to know that when it’s my time in life to go, it wasn’t because of something I could have prevented.

So, here’s my first post about how I will tackle this.

Holistic Health: Beyond the Scale

Now, as someone who has worked in healthcare for years, I must acknowledge that health is SO much more than just the number on the scale. The ways in which we can measure health are extensive.  And it’s not JUST physical, it’s also mental, emotional, spiritual, social.  It’s how well you are handling the stress and pressures of life and what tools you have to help you cope when things get hard to control or out of your hands.  It’s how you honor yourself.  So, these posts will reflect on not just weight loss but holistic health, as well. 

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Eastern Wake: Finding Holistic Health Resources

I want to look at services that can help us feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  We’ll look at parks, free exercise opportunities, reconnecting with nature, and wellness services that should be part of the healthcare system that we are in but typically aren’t, such as massage therapy, aromatherapy, herbals, dieticians, chiropractors, yoga or tai-chi classes, etc.  

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Now, I don’t plan to review any traditional physician or advanced care provider services.  This omission is primarily because everyone’s health insurance is so different that I have always found it frustrating to get a provider’s recommendation and then find out they aren’t in your network.  I’ll leave those recommendations to your current healthcare providers and neighbors (Plus, the copays alone would bankrupt me!). 

Speaking of the cost of things…

Finding Affordable Wellness Resources

We are a one-income household.  I am so grateful to my husband for working as hard as he does to give me the opportunity to be in this position with our children.  However, as much as I want to try ALL the services out there, we won’t be able to do or afford them all.  So, when I look at what resources are in Eastern Wake, I will look for activities, amenities, and services that are as affordable and accessible as possible.  I will also research activities that benefit our community of all ages and physical abilities.

pickleball players at Harper Park in Knightdale, NC

If you are looking for places to enjoy exercise TODAY and don’t want to wait on other write-ups, here is a list of my previous blog posts where I discuss parks and/or opportunities to be more active.

Embracing My Vulnerability To Help Others

I’ve got to be honest; I’m a bit nervous writing about this process.  I will probably talk about highly personal experiences that I typically don’t share with people.  But if sharing my journey with you is a way to help others, then I am willing to take that risk. Just take a look at this highly personal account of my trying out Burn Boot Camp for 30 days!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in together to figure out how we can get healthier here in our Eastern Wake communities!  I’ll be posting more soon! <3

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