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Hey there!  I’m Taylor, MSN, RN, and the founder of NC Healthy Living. 🙂

My Background  

Originally from Virginia, our family decided to move to the Raleigh area a few years ago, and ever since I have LOVED exploring all that North Carolina has to offer!  I am the founder of the blog, Eastern Wake Love, which has been and continues to be one of the best projects I have ever worked on.

In fact, I love it so much that I started dreaming about taking my passion for wellness (along with my professional background as a Family Nurse Practitioner) and start exploring ways to build a healthier lifestyle all throughout this beautiful state I now call home. 

Why North Carolina?

I mean, how can I not? With its amazing trails all throughout the state, natural beauty, world-class healthcare, and innovative universities, research, businesses, and technologies, North Carolina is one of the best (if not the best) places in the country to enjoy all the things you need for a healthier life.  

Whether you’re visiting, moving, living, or building a business here, I want to find all the resources for you to live your best life. 

What Fuels Me

Lastly, my biggest WHY for this blog…My love for helping others and my family.  Ever since had to step away from clinical work because of my health and my family, I have continued to seek out ways to help others.  It’s in my core.  If my family is happy and I am helping others, then for me, I am living my best life filled to the brim with purpose. And if I can get healthier along the way and find all the resources that you need for your future wellness, then really, what more could anyone ask for?  

So, if nothing else, come and stay a while because this will be an interesting (and hopefully fun!) journey! 😊

Professional Background

  • Diploma for Registered Nursing -Sentara College of Health Sciences- 2010
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University – 2012, Magna Cum Laude
  • Master of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration) – 2016

My academic and professional career in nursing spans over a decade until I took a pause during the pandemic to stay at home with my two beautiful children and focus on my health.

My nursing experience ranges from focusing on preventative care, senior health, and medical/surgical nursing with a concentration in specialty stroke patient care.

I am currently licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the state of North Carolina, and I was previously licensed in Virginia prior to our moving.

Why Don’t You Put “NP'” Behind Your Name?

Okay, I’m all about honesty! So, you will see that in articles and in my signature, I don’t place the “NP” behind my name as a list of my credentials.

During the chaos of the pandemic, I decided to let my NP license in Virginia to expire and didn’t pursue recertification.  At the time, I couldn’t invest the time and money to maintain it since I knew I wasn’t going to be working full-time any time soon, so I concentrated on my family instead.

However, it is a future goal of mine to work towards recertification because I worked so hard for those initials and having the honor to help others! Not to mention, I enjoy keeping up-to-date on the latest treatments and guidelines.  

Core Beliefs for Wellness

I fully believe that health and wellness should always be approached from a holistic, whole body, mind, and soul perspective.  The best gifts we can give to ourselves are the following:

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